Humble Beginnings


Blue Mangoes serves communities by creating appropriate technologies which transform waste into opportunity. 



In September of 2015, eight first-year engineering students partnered with the Blue Mountain Project, a nonprofit in rural Jamaica, to help form a cooperative in the village around solar-dehydrated mangoes.


After many other organizations left the project, it was left to our team to design and build the dehydrator. It took three months of design, prototypes, failures and successes, but we were able to accomplish what others had not and fulfill the commitment made to the Hagley Gap.




In October of 2015, our team was accepted into the National Science Foundation's Innovation Corps: a customer discovery accelerator for STEM-based startups. Josh and Jessica, under the guidance of Dr. Mark Daugherty, went through the program and began to explore what an organization might look like.


In February of 2016, we were accepted into The Commons, WI. Through this startup accelerator, we got to work on what soon became Blue Mangoes. It was here that Josh and Jessica brought on Rachel and Nate--international business and marketing students who went on to develop the mission.


Today & Tomorrow:



What we do has changed, too. We still design dehydrators--that's our bread and butter. We are also working on solar fridges, solar water filtration, and recycling fruit waste into organic pesticides. Developing and these technologies helps us to achieve our mission, and better serve the communities where we work.

We can't believe where we've gotten. It's hard to make an exhaustive description of what we're up to (we're always starting something new), but we've had steady growth in all areas: communities, production, designs, and the team.

It's not just where we do our work that's evolved--it's how. From the beginning, we've been conscious of the impact that we might have on the communities we partner with. We develop manuals to be used by technicians we train within communities to be able to replicate and improve the tools they've been given.

Shared Values

  • Integrity: We value doing what's right, always.

  • Excellence: We value exceptional character, products, and service.

  • Servant Leadership: We value serving first.

  • Collaboration: We value breaking down boundaries.

  • Innovation: We value creativity in solutions.