Our Work


In all that we do, we are guided by our understanding that:

  • Intervention is a little-understood field that has the potential to do long-term harm to a community--therefore, we seek internal alternatives before beginning a project;

  • True development only begins when those from within lead--therefore, we work to develop the skills and technical competencies of those with whom we are partners to;

  • The benefit of partnered communities is the singular focus of our work--therefore, we refrain from practices described as voluntourism and travel-based rewards.

  • Our role is to assist, not to take ownership--therefore, we work toward community independence from Blue Mangoes as soon as is feasible;

  • Education is not only technical, but moral and concious--therefore, we strive to grow the hearts and minds of the students who work from within Blue Mangoes.

How We'll Accomplish This

Our trademark technology solution is a passive solar fruit dehydrator. We are working to improve the following elements through experimentation and prototype variations:

  • Fruit capacity and tray organization;

  • Dehydration time, heat retention and airflow;

  • Material availability and local sourcing;

  • Construction simplicity and guidebook;

  • Sustainability and cultural assimilation.


These dehydrators are eventually constructed in communities that seek out our solution, as we work to help build a sustainable business from the dried fruits that it produces. With a focus on impact sourcing, we are able to ensure that the paid labor to collect, process, dry and package the mangoes is done by those able to benefit the most from working.


What truly makes our model sustainable is the training that we provide to two community members on every project: the plans, skills and experience to enable them to replicate the system as the need arises or other communities seek to create their own. As we write in our values statement, true development only begins when those from within lead.